Starburst Slot

Starburst slot is one of the best known online slots games in the online casino world. You can point to many reasons for this slots game enduring popularity and ubiquitous presence. Some will focus on the massive range of stake levels it affords players, making it suitable for cautious players and daredevils alike. Others would concentrate on the fact that it’s such a doddle to play so anyone can pick it up yet massively moreish. It’s also a common platform for casino bonus offers, which keeps I firmly in the spotlight. And while these factors are certainly prominent, we’d also look at the classic theme of the slot game, which is so simple that it’s genius.

Starburst Slot Free Play

Starburst is the ultimate jewels themed game. You have to match winning lines of different colour precious stones from either left to right or vice versa to win some valuable metal of your own in return. Razzmatazz will always be associated with casinos, yet the simple, colourful design of the game ensures that it feels more fun than flamboyant. Like its non-casino siblings Bejeweled and Candy Crush, it’s proof that the simplest ideas often have the strongest pull.

Starburst Free Spins

Precious stones might well be notoriously hard to find, but Starburst certainly isn’t. If a casino stocks any NetEnt games, the chances are it will have Starburst. Indeed, if you were a stingy casino and only chose to pick five NetEnt games, the chances are that Starburst would be amongst them. You don’t only have a wealth of options to play the game either – you also have loads of chances to pick up free spins like a new player at many different sites. Online casinos love to dish out Starburst bonuses. Just check out the list of free spins offers below.

Starburst Bonuses

Online casinos tend to use the Starburst game as either deposit bonuses or even no deposit bonus free spins for new players. A a consequence it remains one of the most popular video slot games – despite being released in 2013. If you are going to opt for the new player no deposit free spins offered by online casinos, check they are registered with the leading gaming authority (s) like the Government of Gibraltar or Malta Gaming Authority. See our review of BGO Casino for a great casino. Its one of the few online casinos without wagering requirements.

Starburst Slot Features

The simplicity that sits behind the sparkle is extended to the Starburst bonus features. NetEnt is renowned for their creative approach to in-game bonus features, but this is probably their least feature-heavy game. This is no accident. It’s designed to be a great beginner’s slot, one that takes no more than a couple of spins to understand. That’s another reason why it’s perfect fodder for welcome bonus promotions at many of the best casinos. It’s such a great introduction to online slots. But that’s not to say it doesn’t have a couple of little extras to help you make some winning lines of course.

Starburst Expanding Wilds

Starburst’s principal feature is its expanding wilds, which can envelop an entire reels, substituting all other symbols and triggering a respin. The wilds come in the form of a bright star (which is essentially the game’s logo) and represent your best chance of swanning off with some really big wins. They appear on reels 2, 3 or 4 at any point during the game and the subsequent re-spins give you a chance to boost your balance even further. If you hit further wilds during the re-spin, they’ll envelop the reels again and trigger yet more re-spins. You can earn a maximum of three before returning to the main game.

Starburst Win Both Ways

Ok, it’s not a feature in the traditional sense, but it’s always worth a mention. Starburst is one of those happy slots that allows you to win ‘both ways’. So whether your winning line starts from the far left or far right, three matching jewels symbols in any of the ten payline patterns is all it takes to get the coins clanging.

Starburst Slot RTP

Starburst has a theoretic House Advantage of 3.9%, leaving you with an estimated RTP of 96.1%. That puts it firmly in the realm of advantageous slots to play. A 96% payout means that you your chances to win are high, but being a low variance slot, you wont enjoy a big win. Its more a slot game to enjoy.  Starburst gives you the chance to either build a cash pot slowly but surely or throw in the big bucks for a chance at a quick win, making it a terrific mid volatility all-rounder. Happening upon wilds is somewhat easier than digging a diamond out of the rough, fortunately, so you always have a strong prospect of hitting some winning combinations across the ten different paylines. If you strike it lucky, the highest paying match will see win up to 50,000 coin values at the maximum bet level.

Starburst Slot Machine

Starburst slot machine is a staple of online casinos. Where fire, there’s smoke and where there is online gaming, there is this little gem classic. It feels like it’s been around since the dinosaurs yet it still seems fresh and has maintained its popularity amongst both casinos and players. It’s one of the NetEnt’s flagship slots, and we hope it stays around forever, and we suspect that it will remain a big favourite for a long time to come.

Gonzos Quest

Pop on your sun hat, douse yourself in mozzy repellent and head into the Inca Empire as you join the main character, Gonzo, on his Quest to find the lost Peruvian Ruins of El Dorado in one of NetEnt’s most beautifully rendered graphics and animations of any video slots. It’s a journey that casino players have been enjoying for years and remains popular to this day thanks to a range of excellent features, some straightforward yet engaging gameplay and one of the most quirky and lovable characters you’ll find in any casino game.
The audio is classily created, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of the jungle and Gonzo himself gurns and growls away while you play. There’s even an enchanting video intro that goes well beyond the offerings you see from other providers and adds to the immersive experience of a game that has been created with plenty of love and affection.

Gonzos Quest Free Play

Even if an online casino only stocks a handful of NetEnt games, there’s a good chance that Gonzos Quest will be included. It’s a great all-rounder that’s loved by all types of player and has retained its popularity over a prolonged period. Such a popular title is available at most casinos, and because it has a fairly low minimum stake level, you might even bag yourself some Gonzos Quest online free spins at some online casinos. And if this review hasn’t convinced you, you can play the game for free on this very page.


Gonzos Quest Bonus Features

You can always rely on NetEnt to dream up some unique features to intrigue and excite in measure. The best games always mix innovation with simplicity and Gonzos Quest is no different. Tumbling blocks replace standard spinning reels, providing the perfect platform for the Avalanche feature, that NetEnt debuted in Gonzos Quest and had since used in other games to great effect.

Gonzos Quest Avalanche Feature

When you create a winning line on any of the reels, the matching symbols will fall away to be replaced by fresh blocks that drop into place. Should the new blocks create further winning lines on the reels a multiplier feature will kick in as a new avalanche is triggered, allowing you to accumulate a sizeable cash pot. When you are playing the main game, it’s possible to achieve an x5 multiplier but if you land activates the Free Fall round, you the possibilities are even greater.

Gonzos Quest Free Fall

A free fall round occurs when you match three free fall special symbols one consecutive reel, beginning at the far left. Three symbols convert to 10 free falls (which are essentially free spins), and if you trigger an avalanche, you can achieve a massive x15 multiplier.

Gonzos Quest Wilds

Wilds take the form of mysterious, Aztec styled question marks in Gonzos Quest and as you would expect, they substitute for adjacent symbols to form winning lines. From our experience playing the game over the years, wilds appear pretty regularly when you are playing Gonzos Quest and can bolster your chances of leaving your jungle adventure with a fist full of coins.

Gonzos Quest RTP

Gonzos Quest has a theoretical RTP of 96%, so you have a healthy chance of winning. It is classed as a mid volatility slot so it will please players that are looking for a fast buck and those who prefer to build a prize pot over an extended period. The multipliers are the star attraction of you are on the hunt for a big jackpot win, and if you get on a role during the free fall round, you can achieve a maximum payout more than €93,000. With 20 potential winning lines, Gonzo’s Quest combines possibility with simplicity, and it’s a great game for beginners.

Gonzos Quest Slot

Gonzos Quest slot has established itself as one of the most popular video slots in the high-quality NetEnt catalogue, and it’s easy to see why. This is a visually stunning slot with great colours and an atmospheric soundtrack that’s further brought to life by the game’s eponymous hero. If you’re looking for an exciting game that’s simple enough to dip into now and again yet engrossing enough to keep you occupied for hours while you try and build your pay pot, then join Gonzo on his Quest for El Dorado and see if you can pick up some loot along the way.

Trusted Online Casinos

For players looking out for Gonzos Quest slot, only look out for trusted casinos. These casinos are licensed with trusted regulatory authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. They are transparent about the terms and conditions on free spins and will offer a video slot games from providers like Microgaming and NetEnt.

Motorhead Slot

We suspect that NetEnt’s latest Rock Slot was already in the offing before Motorhead’s legendary frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilminster passed away at the back end of 2015. The sad news has lent a certain poignancy to the game’s intro, which opens with Lemmy’s gravelly proclamation, ‘Good Evening, we are Motorhead, and we play Rock n’ Roll’ before giving way to a rollicking live version of the Ace of Spades. The song itself is the perfect reference point for any aspiring gamer and rocker given its subject matter. We’re pretty sure that helped inform NetEnt’s decision to make Lemmy and the boys the subject of the third and final slot in this hugely successful little trilogy. We present you the Motorhead slot.
Earplugs ready…

Motorhead Slot Free Play

No Deposit Bonus

Motorhead Slot RTP

The Motorhead slot operates an orthodox pay plan so three or more matching symbols on consecutive reels from left to right will win you a prize. You can bet up to a whopping €200 on a single spin if you use the highest coin value (1.00) and the largest bet level (10). The game has a 96.91% RTP and the mystery reels will help you build up your cash pot steadily. It’s the free spins round that is most likely to please jackpot hunters as that’s where you have the best chance of pulling up a big win.

Motorhead Slot Features

As is the case with Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses, the soundtrack sits at the heart of Motorhead’s appeal, but NetEnt’s design team have gone to great lengths to ensure that it isn’t the only selling point. Just like its two bedfellows, it is packed full of exciting features. It also boasts an unusual reel layout to reflect the outlandish reputation of the band that inspired the game. Four key features help you take advantage of 76 paylines and win some cash.

Motorhead Slot Substituting Wilds

Look out for the golden Ace of Spade’s wild symbols because they buddy up with adjacent symbols to create winning lines. Wilds can substitute for everything other than scatters, and with 76 paylines available, they can elevate a single spin into a serious moneymaker.

Motorhead Slot Free Spins Round

The golden scatter symbols are inspired by the motif that appeared on the arm of Lemmy’s omnipresent leather jacket. If you land three or more, you win entry to the Motorhead free spins round, during which you can start accumulating some prize money. You get ten free spins in total, and other features can still crop up to give you an even greater chance of winning a significant sum.

Motorhead Slot Mystery Reels Feature

Every time you spin, one entire reel turns into a stack of mystery symbols. Once the spin is complete, they then transform into a stack of identical symbols, which can combine with adjacent reels to make multiple winning lines. Don’t expect a win every time (to an extent, this feature sounds more exciting than it is) but if the reels align for you, it can undoubtedly give you a massive helping hand. The mystery reels can turn into a stack of any matching symbols, except for scatters.

Motorhead Slot Bomber Feature

Inspired by another of the band’s best-loved songs, the Bomber Feature has randomly activated ahead of any individual spin. The design team have certainly given it a spectacular introduction. When it activates, the reels turn dark aside from flashing spotlights and a siren sounds. Several symbols then turn into golden ‘mystery’ Motorhead bombs, which explode once the other reels settle. The explosion reveals a cluster of matching symbols that usually spell big wins.

Motorhead Slot Review

We’ve found it difficult to weigh up NetEnt’s three rock slots against each other. One thing’s for certain; they have gone out of their way to create three casino games that each honour the legacy of a musical icon, yet stand alone as enjoyable, feature-heavy slots. Fans of Motorhead’s music will lap this up, but fans of great gaming will love the overall playability of the slot. The mystery reels feature a little gimmicky for our liking but the Bomber Feature and Free Spins round makes up for that. If I were pushed, I’d probably pick Guns N’ Roses as my favourite of this trilogy, but you know what, perhaps it is best to stop comparing the three. Each stands alone as an excellent game and a worthy addition to the impressive NetEnt catalogue. We’re confident you’ll enjoy this game, whatever your musical persuasion.

Aloha Slot

Firstly, a couple of confessions from me. Aloha! Cluster Pays might be my favourite slot currently in operation so if that makes this review a bit biased; then I thought I would warn you. Secondly, the fact that I love it so much means that something as simple as a smiling Tiki mask that occasionally bursts into a hula dance combined with a cartoon rendered Pacific Island beach scene is enough to make me grin like an idiot. I am not sure what that says about me.
Make no mistake though, Aloha! Cluster Pays an immensely enjoyable game to play. There’s lots to love about it – from the contagious theme through to the cheery soundtrack and perhaps most importantly of all, the unusual but ingenious premise. There are no complicated payline patterns here, and you need to cluster together as many matching symbols as possible to get the coins clanging. It’s simple enough for anybody to grasp yet interesting enough to capture the attention of seasoned slot players.

Play Aloha Slot Free


Aloha Game Bonus Features

The bigger the cluster, the more you win. It’s as straightforward as that. Nine matching symbols or more constitutes a cluster, and they all need to be touching on the reels. Fortunately, this online casino game also has some key features that help you a) form those key clusters in the first place and b) ensure that you can keep building on any clusters you do create to secure a bigger payout.

Sticky Re-spins

Throwing a sticky re-spins feature into a cluster based game is a logical and intelligent move from those craft NetEnt bods. The stickies appear at random following the formation of a cluster and hold the winning symbols in place while the reels spin again. If you get lucky, you’ll add to your cluster, and the Tiki mask will pop his shades on and start dancing.
Play Aloha Slot Free

Substitution Symbols

Effectively wilds by a different name, substitution symbols – unsurprisingly – replace adjacent symbols that would otherwise ruin potential clusters. They appear at random in the form of a wooden treasure chest decorated with a question mark and can come in handy.

Aloha Slot Free Spins

You can’t miss the free spins symbols, not least because they have the words ‘free spins’ emblazoned across them. They’re also a nice orange and purple representation of a Hawaiian volcano scene, and if three of them appear during a spin, you will activate the free spins round. The more free spins symbols you match, the more free spins you will receive. There’s a maximum of 12 on offer if you hit 6 or more free spins symbols in a single spin. You can win further free spins while playing in the initial free spins round an’all.

Aloha Cluster Pays RTP

You can win a maximum amount of 100,000 coins when playing Aloha! Cluster Pays, with a humungous $200,000 real cash if you get ridiculously lucky. But leaving aside such dreams of glory, the real beauty of the game is the fact that it allows you to build your bank balance slowly but surely, while the bonus features provide the odd big boost to help hurry the process along. The RTP is 96.42% but you’ll regularly come across clusters of various sizes and values. Aloha! Cluster Pays will certainly keep you occupied, and you’ll get the chance to accumulate a nice prize pot in the process.

Aloha Slot Game

This is a slot that had me hooked from the very first time I played it. There’s so much to love about Aloha! Cluster Pays that I can even turn a blind eye to the fact that the team appear to have mixed Hawaiian and Maori culture! The game looks great, sounds great and plays great so what’s not to love? The cluster theme adds a dose of something a bit different, and you can expect to find yourself coming back for more. With a paytable that suits all types of player, we have no hesitation in recommending Aloha! Cluster Pays to both beginners and experienced players alike.

Twin Spin Slot

As a man who spent much of his 20s wearing a selection of different coloured corduroy flares, I have never been afraid of a bit of vintage styling. And while those days seems to (strangely) coincide with long periods of singleness, it hasn’t dampened my love for anything and everything retro. And so we come to Twin Spin slot, a NetEnt slot that has its roots firmly in the past. It’s symbols – bars, cherries and bells included – hark back to classic land-based machines of yesteryear for a start. And then there’s the audio and visuals. Oh, the audio and visuals! It’s all very unashamedly inspired by the late 70s and early 80s. We’re talking neon lights. We’re talking strobe lighting. We’re talking a funk soundtrack. If you that doesn’t put you off (and come on now, why would it?) then you’ll stick around long enough to play one of the unique video slots in the NetEnt catalogue.

Twin Spin Slot Free


Twin Spin Bonus Features

This section might wind up being a bit shorter than your average NetEnt Features review. This a kitsch slot with an old-school approach to features. In other words, it barely has any! Fear not, however, because Twin Spin can still get your pulse racing – and not just by encouraging you to throw your best Bee Gees-inspired shapes to that funky soundtrack. The clue is in the title, and there are riches to be found in the dual reel spins that give rise to the name. Most importantly, this 5×3 slot gives you a whopping 243 ways to win. Now that indeed IS funky.

The Twin Spin

Yep, so Twin Spins shuns scatters, ignores free spins rounds and eschews bonus games; but it does offer, well, a Twin Spin feature somewhat unsurprisingly. Every time you spin, two of the reels mimic each other in a love pact that can help you create multiple winning lines. You only need three identical, adjacent symbols to pocket some cash. However, the true riches arrive if all five reels join together to make five of a kind, three times over. A win of that magnitude is rare of course, but the possibility keeps the pulse racing. And even a triple spin can aid your quest to grow your prize pot.

Substituting Wilds

The twin spin feature quite rightly grabs the headlines here, but wilds make a customary appearance too. They can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5 and replace other symbols to create winning combinations. Remember this: that dual spin malarkey gives you 243 ways to win, so wilds come in very handy. They don’t seem to appear as often as they do in other games, but they are worth watching out for.

Twin Spin Slot RTP

Twin Spin is toward the high end of the volatility spectrum. Importantly, however, you will pick up lots of little wins as you play. That’s a product of the dual reel feature and the sheer volume of win lines possibilities that you can access from a single spin. Those small sums will keep you interested but are unlikely to bother your bank balance too much. It’s the big wins you need, and they are the reason to keep playing. If you three or four reels buddy up then you could walk away with over 100k from a single spin. You can wager between €0.50 and €125 with each turn.

Twin Spin Slot Review

Twin Spin is one a slot for nostalgia junkies and adrenaline seekers. If you combine those two qualities (and they are ‘qualities’ in our book), then this is not to be missed. Some will probably find the theme a bit cheesy, granted. Indeed, you might want to have the mute button at the ready if you don’t want the kitsch music in your head all day. But there’s something eminently likeable about Twin Spin, even before you start considering the mammoth number of win ways that the reel layout and dual spin feature combine to create. If you’ve got the nerve and patience, then Twin Spin is worthy of your game time.

When Pigs Fly Slot

Peppa Pig meets Earthworm Jim and the Jetsons in the latest slot to have been dreamt up by those creative bods at NetEnt. When Pigs Fly slot is a fun-filled cartoon slot with an unusual reel structure and a stack of fascinating features that combine to give you a quite frankly ridiculous 3125 wins in the later stages of the free spins round.
As with all NetEnt games these days, When Pigs Fly is compatible with Android and iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. Its emphasis is firmly on fun, and it’s certainly not meant to be taken too seriously, as you might expect from a slot featuring galaxy hopping hogs. We love the fact that a single spin can escalate into something quite lucrative thanks to expanding reels feature that makes us as happy as the proverbial pig in mud.

When Pigs Fly Slot Free Play

NetEnt is both prodigious and prolific. Their new game releases are always accompanied by appropriate fanfare, and When Pigs Fly was greeted with suitable anticipating when it was first released in July 2016. NetEnt’s increasingly illustrious reputation means that most online casinos include a selection of their casino games online, with new releases prominently featured. You can play it at pretty much any casino featured on this site – and why not sample it for free on this very page first.
Sorry but the free version of When Pigs Fly slot is currently unavailable. For now please enjoy Flying Pigs From PlaynGo. Once the NetEnt game is back online we will update the page.

No Deposit Bonus

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Play When Pigs Fly at these no deposit bonus casinos.

When Pigs Fly RTP

When Pigs Fly RTP is a whopping 97%. RTP rate means should appeal to any player who likes to play the percentages. It’s probably best described as a mid-volatility slot because it’s certainly possible to win in gradual increments but then we’ve seen a single spin generate 60 or 70 times the returns as well. It’s a slot that offers some terrific possibilities at the payable, make sure you set yourself some spend limits and control your expectations as ever.

When Pigs Fly Features

NetEnt is at it again. Nobody could accuse the team of resting on their laurels when it comes to creative in-game features, and they’re at it again here. If you hit the free spins round, the odds of you hitting a winning combinations gets an immediate shot in the arm. That’s because you leap from 45 payline possibilities to 132 straight off the bat – and it doesn’t end there.
3125 ways to win sounds improbable (and who the heck has the job of calculating these high figures anyway?) But we are assured that those trustworthy bods at NetEnt aren’t telling porky pies – you do have all those possibilities. But how is it possible?

When Pigs Fly Slot Spins

Well, the fun starts when you hit the re-spins feature. You start the game with a quirky 1-3-5-3-1 reel formation, but every time you win a re-spin, two new symbol spots appear. The new symbols provide fresh ways to win, and if you’re lucky enough to string together the maximum, you’ll have 1875 ways to win.

When Pigs Fly Free Spins Round

If you make it all the way to your 5th re-spin and hit a winning combination, you snaffle yourself a trough full of free spins – 8 to be precise. By now you’ll also have a five by five reel layout, and given that any combination of 3 or more matching symbols on adjacent reels signal a win, you will now have that truly eye-popping 3125 ways to win.

When Pigs Fly Substituting Wilds

You know the score with wilds by now. Lay your trotters on one of these, and you’re in for a right treat. The symbols are simply the word ‘Wild’ in a nice shade of porcine pink and mimic their neighbours to create winning lines.

When Pigs Fly Slot Review

When Pigs Fly slot is another example of NetEnt’s uncanny knack for surprising us. Borrowing the reel layout of an old favourite ‘Reel Rush’, it has applied a unique theme alongside some headline-grabbing features to launch another new favourite on to the market. If you favour classic slots with straightforward layouts, then it won’t be to your taste. But if you want a game with an array of features, which ensure that one spin can last for yonks, then look no further.

Dead or Alive Slot

With a name like ‘Dead or Alive,’ this slot could have had a variety of themes. It could have been based on an emergency room, resuscitation or the state I am in on a Saturday morning after a heavy Friday night on the booze. Alas, none of those guesses is correct because this ‘Dead or Alive sot’ references ‘Wanted’ posters of times past – and the slot itself takes a Wild West theme to an extraordinary level.
The soundtrack pays loving tribute to the music of old John Wayne films, and there’s a gunshot sound when you change pages in the help section, and the symbols all represent the wild west culture. So there’s a Stetson, a pair of cowboy boots, a sheriff’s badge and even a shot of Whiskey. There’s little doubting the game’s identity. Just as importantly, Dead or Alive slot boasts a unique selling point beyond its theme. You see, it’s known for being one of the highest variance games in the NetEnt catalogue – and that’s won it something of a cult following.

Play Dead or Alive Slot Free

Dead or Alive RTP

Don’t get us wrong; the high variance does not entirely preclude you from smaller wins. You’ll pick up some coins as you play in the main game, but there’s real money to be made if you trigger the free spins feature. Three scatter symbols, and you’re in, but that’s not enough to guarantee you big bucks. It’s the prospect of landing some sticky wilds during free spins that wet’s the appetite. Those are a true game changer.
The Dead or Alive RTP is 96.8%

Dead or Alive Wild Symbols

Wilds pop up semi-regularly in the main game to help you keep the cash pot ticking over. They appear in the guise of ‘Wanted: Outlaw’ posters with a shadow of a bloke holding a gun on them. As you might expect, they substitute for all other symbols (apart of Scatters) to create winning lines.

Dead or Alive  Scatter Symbols and Free Spins

We love the scatter symbols in Dead or Alive. Not that we’re suckers for gimmicks or anything, but they are ‘gun’ symbols, and if you get three of them, the guns move, cock and fire. This entry into the free spins round is suitably grandiose. This is where you can start making some decent cash. You have 12 free spins for, to begin with, but can win more during the round.

Dead or Alive Sticky Wilds

Ah lovely wilds, please stick to our reels! The chances of you gaining a bit of action from these are pretty high if you do hit the free spins round. A series of cunning characters adorn the Wanted signs during the free spins round. When they appear, they stay on the reels for subsequent spins and being wilds; they substitute for other symbols to create those winning lines.

Dead or Alive Slot Paytable

It’s worth reiterating that this is a high variance slot. You’re going to have to exercise a bit of patience as you wait for the free spins round to pop up. It’s possible to go for a long time without a sniff of a big win so try to hold your nerve. There are only nine paylines, and the cash amounts on offer in the main game are insubstantial compared to the prizes on offer in the free spins round. However, the free spins round is a bit of a tombola itself so don’t assume free spin ever will yield results. However, if you land some sticky wilds and combine them with the x2 multiplier, you can crank up your credit very quickly. It’s possible to win massive amounts when playing Dead or Alive but you need to be dedicated.

Dead or Alive Slot Review

Well, we love it, and we’re sure a lot of you will too. If you like to play casually without much risk, then it might not be the right game for you. But if you want to play a really fun slot with a cracking theme, jaunty soundtrack and the prospect of some ginormous wins then look out for Dead or Alive. The game’s wonderfully immersive (don’t be surprised if you find yourself letting out a ‘yee-ha’) and it’ll keep you interested while you wait for the coins to (hopefully) drop. Dead or Alive’s cult following will continue to grow; there’s little doubt about that. We wish they would release a casino apps version for Android and iOS. It’s long overdue!

Immortal Romance Slot

Microgaming might have expected Immortal Romance slot to become a cult classic rather than one of the most games in the company’s catalogue when they first released it to market. This quasi-Gothic slot was always likely to appeal to fans of the sort of dark, modern fantasy that peaked with the Twilight films and game’s designers infused each of the four main protagonists with detailed backstories to further appeal to the market. But Immortal Romance has attracted a much wider audience, thanks primarily to its nigh on unique gameplay. While the eerie visuals and atmospheric soundtrack provide a great foundation, personally speaking, it’s the video slots features that keep me coming back for more.

Play Immortal Romance Slot

Immortal Romance Slot Tips

Immortal Romance’s stone figures, painted symbols and memorable lead characters instantly catch the eye, but other elements of the game reveal themselves more slowly upon prolonged play. Microgaming’s attention to detail is impressive, and you will unlock story videos as you complete missions. Elsewhere, there are unique takes on some familiar features including the impressive Wild Desire feature and a hugely impressive four tier free spins round. The latter incorporates a host of additional multipliers, ensuring it is your best chance of winning a sizeable sum.

Substituting Wilds

The game has wilds, which substitute for every symbol other than the scatters. They appear as standard symbols overlaid with the words ‘Immortal Romance’, rendered in an appropriately Gothic font.

Wild Desire Feature

This randomly occurring feature will turn whole reels into wilds, helping you create multiple winning combinations and take advantage of Immortal Romance’s 243 paylines. You can turn more than one reel into a stack of wilds when this feature pops up. It’s even possible to transform all five reels into a sea of wilds, at which point you will be guaranteed a huge payout.

Scatter Symbols and the Chamber of Spins

A mere Free Spins round would be a little too conventional for the world of Immortal Romance, so you get a Chamber of Spins instead. Win your entry to the Chamber by landing three or more scatter symbols. To begin with, you trigger Amber’s features, but as your game session progresses, you enter the chamber with Troy, Michael and Sarah too. The latter provides the biggest win potential in the game, but all the character features come with a twist (rolling reels, unusually generous bats etc.). Play for long enough, and you’ll find out for yourself.

Slot Paytable

The winning structure of Immortal Romance is often compared to Thunderstruck II, another well-known MicroGaming slot. The two share plenty in common including the 4 tier bonus round, but Immortal Romance offers even more generous payouts if anything. It’s probably best described as a medium variance slot, something which partially explains its status as a game that everybody can enjoy. We should mention that there are 243 paylines so loads of different combos can help you build an extensive win plan. The game has a theoretical RTP of 96.1%.

Immortal Romance Online Slot

Immortal Romance has been a huge hit since it was launched five years ago, and rightly so. MicroGaming takes the gloomy, Gothic them and run with it, creating engaging stories for its four main protagonists and using the stories to inform the in-game features. The four different versions of the Chamber of Spins elevate this game above many of its peers in turns of gameplay. Add that to the intriguing theme and beautiful visuals, and you have a classic that’s quite rightly risen above cult status.