With a name like ‘Dead or Alive,’ this slot could have had a variety of themes. It could have been based on an emergency room, resuscitation or the state I am in on a Saturday morning after a heavy Friday night on the booze. Alas, none of those guesses is correct because this ‘Dead or Alive sot’ references ‘Wanted’ posters of times past – and the slot itself takes a Wild West theme to an extraordinary level.
The soundtrack pays loving tribute to the music of old John Wayne films, and there’s a gunshot sound when you change pages in the help section, and the symbols all represent the wild west culture. So there’s a Stetson, a pair of cowboy boots, a sheriff’s badge and even a shot of Whiskey. There’s little doubting the game’s identity. Just as importantly, Dead or Alive slot boasts a unique selling point beyond its theme. You see, it’s known for being one of the highest variance games in the NetEnt catalogue – and that’s won it something of a cult following.

Play Dead or Alive Slot Free

Dead or Alive RTP

Don’t get us wrong; the high variance does not entirely preclude you from smaller wins. You’ll pick up some coins as you play in the main game, but there’s real money to be made if you trigger the free spins feature. Three scatter symbols, and you’re in, but that’s not enough to guarantee you big bucks. It’s the prospect of landing some sticky wilds during free spins that wet’s the appetite. Those are a true game changer.
The Dead or Alive RTP is 96.8%

Dead or Alive Wild Symbols

Wilds pop up semi-regularly in the main game to help you keep the cash pot ticking over. They appear in the guise of ‘Wanted: Outlaw’ posters with a shadow of a bloke holding a gun on them. As you might expect, they substitute for all other symbols (apart of Scatters) to create winning lines.

Dead or Alive  Scatter Symbols and Free Spins

We love the scatter symbols in Dead or Alive. Not that we’re suckers for gimmicks or anything, but they are ‘gun’ symbols, and if you get three of them, the guns move, cock and fire. This entry into the free spins round is suitably grandiose. This is where you can start making some decent cash. You have 12 free spins for, to begin with, but can win more during the round.

Dead or Alive Sticky Wilds

Ah lovely wilds, please stick to our reels! The chances of you gaining a bit of action from these are pretty high if you do hit the free spins round. A series of cunning characters adorn the Wanted signs during the free spins round. When they appear, they stay on the reels for subsequent spins and being wilds; they substitute for other symbols to create those winning lines.

Dead or Alive Slot Paytable

It’s worth reiterating that this is a high variance slot. You’re going to have to exercise a bit of patience as you wait for the free spins round to pop up. It’s possible to go for a long time without a sniff of a big win so try to hold your nerve. There are only nine paylines, and the cash amounts on offer in the main game are insubstantial compared to the prizes on offer in the free spins round. However, the free spins round is a bit of a tombola itself so don’t assume free spin ever will yield results. However, if you land some sticky wilds and combine them with the x2 multiplier, you can crank up your credit very quickly. It’s possible to win massive amounts when playing Dead or Alive but you need to be dedicated.

Dead or Alive Slot Review

Well, we love it, and we’re sure a lot of you will too. If you like to play casually without much risk, then it might not be the right game for you. But if you want to play a really fun slot with a cracking theme, jaunty soundtrack and the prospect of some ginormous wins then look out for Dead or Alive. The game’s wonderfully immersive (don’t be surprised if you find yourself letting out a ‘yee-ha’) and it’ll keep you interested while you wait for the coins to (hopefully) drop. Dead or Alive’s cult following will continue to grow; there’s little doubt about that. We wish they would release a casino apps version for Android and iOS. It’s long overdue!

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