As a man who spent much of his 20s wearing a selection of different coloured corduroy flares, I have never been afraid of a bit of vintage styling. And while those days seems to (strangely) coincide with long periods of singleness, it hasn’t dampened my love for anything and everything retro. And so we come to Twin Spin slot, a NetEnt slot that has its roots firmly in the past. It’s symbols – bars, cherries and bells included – hark back to classic land-based machines of yesteryear for a start. And then there’s the audio and visuals. Oh, the audio and visuals! It’s all very unashamedly inspired by the late 70s and early 80s. We’re talking neon lights. We’re talking strobe lighting. We’re talking a funk soundtrack. If you that doesn’t put you off (and come on now, why would it?) then you’ll stick around long enough to play one of the unique video slots in the NetEnt catalogue.

Twin Spin Slot Free


Twin Spin Bonus Features

This section might wind up being a bit shorter than your average NetEnt Features review. This a kitsch slot with an old-school approach to features. In other words, it barely has any! Fear not, however, because Twin Spin can still get your pulse racing – and not just by encouraging you to throw your best Bee Gees-inspired shapes to that funky soundtrack. The clue is in the title, and there are riches to be found in the dual reel spins that give rise to the name. Most importantly, this 5×3 slot gives you a whopping 243 ways to win. Now that indeed IS funky.

The Twin Spin

Yep, so Twin Spins shuns scatters, ignores free spins rounds and eschews bonus games; but it does offer, well, a Twin Spin feature somewhat unsurprisingly. Every time you spin, two of the reels mimic each other in a love pact that can help you create multiple winning lines. You only need three identical, adjacent symbols to pocket some cash. However, the true riches arrive if all five reels join together to make five of a kind, three times over. A win of that magnitude is rare of course, but the possibility keeps the pulse racing. And even a triple spin can aid your quest to grow your prize pot.

Substituting Wilds

The twin spin feature quite rightly grabs the headlines here, but wilds make a customary appearance too. They can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5 and replace other symbols to create winning combinations. Remember this: that dual spin malarkey gives you 243 ways to win, so wilds come in very handy. They don’t seem to appear as often as they do in other games, but they are worth watching out for.

Twin Spin Slot RTP

Twin Spin is toward the high end of the volatility spectrum. Importantly, however, you will pick up lots of little wins as you play. That’s a product of the dual reel feature and the sheer volume of win lines possibilities that you can access from a single spin. Those small sums will keep you interested but are unlikely to bother your bank balance too much. It’s the big wins you need, and they are the reason to keep playing. If you three or four reels buddy up then you could walk away with over 100k from a single spin. You can wager between €0.50 and €125 with each turn.

Twin Spin Slot Review

Twin Spin is one a slot for nostalgia junkies and adrenaline seekers. If you combine those two qualities (and they are ‘qualities’ in our book), then this is not to be missed. Some will probably find the theme a bit cheesy, granted. Indeed, you might want to have the mute button at the ready if you don’t want the kitsch music in your head all day. But there’s something eminently likeable about Twin Spin, even before you start considering the mammoth number of win ways that the reel layout and dual spin feature combine to create. If you’ve got the nerve and patience, then Twin Spin is worthy of your game time.

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