Firstly, a couple of confessions from me. Aloha! Cluster Pays might be my favourite slot currently in operation so if that makes this review a bit biased; then I thought I would warn you. Secondly, the fact that I love it so much means that something as simple as a smiling Tiki mask that occasionally bursts into a hula dance combined with a cartoon rendered Pacific Island beach scene is enough to make me grin like an idiot. I am not sure what that says about me.
Make no mistake though, Aloha! Cluster Pays an immensely enjoyable game to play. There’s lots to love about it – from the contagious theme through to the cheery soundtrack and perhaps most importantly of all, the unusual but ingenious premise. There are no complicated payline patterns here, and you need to cluster together as many matching symbols as possible to get the coins clanging. It’s simple enough for anybody to grasp yet interesting enough to capture the attention of seasoned slot players.

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Aloha Game Bonus Features

The bigger the cluster, the more you win. It’s as straightforward as that. Nine matching symbols or more constitutes a cluster, and they all need to be touching on the reels. Fortunately, this online casino game also has some key features that help you a) form those key clusters in the first place and b) ensure that you can keep building on any clusters you do create to secure a bigger payout.

Sticky Re-spins

Throwing a sticky re-spins feature into a cluster based game is a logical and intelligent move from those craft NetEnt bods. The stickies appear at random following the formation of a cluster and hold the winning symbols in place while the reels spin again. If you get lucky, you’ll add to your cluster, and the Tiki mask will pop his shades on and start dancing.
Play Aloha Slot Free

Substitution Symbols

Effectively wilds by a different name, substitution symbols – unsurprisingly – replace adjacent symbols that would otherwise ruin potential clusters. They appear at random in the form of a wooden treasure chest decorated with a question mark and can come in handy.

Aloha Slot Free Spins

You can’t miss the free spins symbols, not least because they have the words ‘free spins’ emblazoned across them. They’re also a nice orange and purple representation of a Hawaiian volcano scene, and if three of them appear during a spin, you will activate the free spins round. The more free spins symbols you match, the more free spins you will receive. There’s a maximum of 12 on offer if you hit 6 or more free spins symbols in a single spin. You can win further free spins while playing in the initial free spins round an’all.

Aloha Cluster Pays RTP

You can win a maximum amount of 100,000 coins when playing Aloha! Cluster Pays, with a humungous $200,000 real cash if you get ridiculously lucky. But leaving aside such dreams of glory, the real beauty of the game is the fact that it allows you to build your bank balance slowly but surely, while the bonus features provide the odd big boost to help hurry the process along. The RTP is 96.42% but you’ll regularly come across clusters of various sizes and values. Aloha! Cluster Pays will certainly keep you occupied, and you’ll get the chance to accumulate a nice prize pot in the process.

Aloha Slot Game

This is a slot that had me hooked from the very first time I played it. There’s so much to love about Aloha! Cluster Pays that I can even turn a blind eye to the fact that the team appear to have mixed Hawaiian and Maori culture! The game looks great, sounds great and plays great so what’s not to love? The cluster theme adds a dose of something a bit different, and you can expect to find yourself coming back for more. With a paytable that suits all types of player, we have no hesitation in recommending Aloha! Cluster Pays to both beginners and experienced players alike.

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