Ahh, good old no deposit bonuses – nearly all players love them and it’s not difficult to understand why. They provide you with a delicious opportunity to receive some genuine freebies that will allow you to try out different sites and games before you part with your own cash. It’s not often you get something for free in life (well not legally at least!) so no deposit bonuses are widely coveted, whether they arrive in the form of free spins or free bonus cash. Our guide will help you learn all about no deposit bonuses and why they represent one of the best casino bonuses around. Discover how they work, how to use them and where you can find them.

How Do No Deposit Bonuses Work?

As the name suggests, online casinos give no deposit bonuses to players without asking them to make a deposit to their account first. In fact, it’s unlikely that you will have to fulfil any criteria at all to pick up this type of online casino bonus and they are often dished out to new players when they register to give them a chance to try out the casino before committing any hard earned cash.

The Difference Between Deposit Bonuses and No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses stand in direct contrast to deposit bonuses, which are triggered when a player makes a payment into his or her online casino account. Deposit bonuses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They’re great but you will need to make some sort of commitment to a casino to receive one, while absolutely no deposit is necessary before you qualify for a no deposit bonus, which is why they are so widely considered to be the best casino bonuses amongst players.

What Are The Different Types of No Deposit Bonus?

There are two major types of no deposit bonus: no deposit free spins and no deposit free cash. These days, no deposit free spins are much more widespread than the cash equivalent but the latter can still be found at a smattering of online casinos. Both types of bonus are extremely popular with players and they are really easy to understand and use. To give you a quick summary:

• No Deposit Free Spins – allow you to play a defined number of rounds on a slot game without wagering your own cash. Bundles of 10 or 20 free spins are the most common but as competition between casinos grows, some even offer as many as 50 or 100 at a time to new or loyal, regular players.

• No Deposit Free Cash – these offers are real gold dust for online casino players. Find a no deposit free cash offer and you will be given money to play on the best online casino games without any risk to your own wallet. You won’t find no deposit cash offers very often but they are still about if you look closely (or let us find them for you).

Why Do Online Casinos Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

The simplest answer to this question is ‘because players love them’. There are hundreds of gaming sites for players to browse these days and such choice brings challenges. The best casino bonuses represent offers that are most likely to attract players, and bonuses that arrive with no deposit necessary are always popular. They often form part of welcome bonus packages for new players and there are clear advantages for any online casino that’s willing to provide no deposit free spins. Players are much more likely to register if they can ‘try before they buy’ with absolutely no risk to their wallet.

It’s also a good sign when a casino is confident enough to let players play for free. It is suggestive of a strong brand that believes that players will want to stick around once they’ve had a taste of the game play. No deposit bonuses are also indicative of a player-first attitude, and if you receive one as part of a welcome bonus, there’s a good chance that the casino will continue to provide them to regular players as loyalty rewards. No deposit bonuses undoubtedly cost online casinos a little, but if they win the trust of players then the potential gains are obvious.

Where Can I Get No Deposit Bonuses?

Some online casinos offer no deposit bonuses, but others don’t. That’s not to say that all sites that fail to include risk free offers as part of their overall package should be ignored or black listed because they probably provide other perks to make up for it. That said, we think any site that’s happy to provide no deposit bonuses is demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction that should be praised. We’ll help you identify the best brands with the best casino bonuses as part of:

Welcome Bonuses – online casinos will offer no deposit bonuses to attract new players. Players can try out the site for free while the casino hopes they stick around and become regular visitors to create a win-win situation. These are the most frequently found no deposit bonuses and the easiest to track down.

New Game Release Promotions – casinos will often provide no deposit free spins on new slots when they are released. Such offers will often be available to new players and existing players alike and let you try the game for free, which can’t be bad. They might also offer no deposit bonuses on games that are topical at the time, such as sports themed slots during major tournaments.

Competition Prizes – if you play regularly at online casinos, you’ll appreciate that they love to give away prizes in promotions and competitions. No deposit bonuses will sometimes figure in the prize pools so keep your eyes open.

Loyalty Rewards – sometimes casinos will provide no deposit bonuses to regular players as a reward for their loyalty. These freebies might form part of a defined loyalty scheme, or arrive in your inbox as a random surprise.

No Deposit Bonuses: What’s The Catch?

This all sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the good news is that no deposit bonuses are a genuine treat for players and you don’t need to worry about being caught out. There are, however, a few qualifying points that you should be familiar with before you take advantage of these offers:

• No deposit free spins bundles, like all bonus spins offers, are frequently attached to just one game or a small group of games.

• No deposit free cash has to be used in the casino. You won’t just be able to pocket the cash and go and spend it at Nandos!

• Most importantly, many no deposit bonuses will be subject to wagering requirements. This means you have to gamble any winnings a specified number of times before you can withdraw you cash. But there’s some really good news because some sites offer wagering-exempt no deposit free spins – which might just constitute the very best casino bonus you can get your mitts on.

No Deposit Bonuses with No Wagering Requirements

They are certainly rare, but no deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements are something you should get really excited about. These bonuses will nearly always come in the form of free spins, but if you strike lucky and win then the winnings are yours to keep straight away. Does this all this them the best casino bonuses you can find? Quite possibly! And we’ll do our best to bring you the latest deals so you can snap up wagering-exempt no deposit free spins at the following casinos: