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What Are Online Casino Games?

Online casino slot games are inspired by the traditional ‘one-armed bandit’ games of yesteryear and share the same basic principles. You still ‘spin reels’ in an attempt to achieve a line of matching symbols that will secure a win. However, the possibilities of the digital world have provided design teams with free reign to be more creative than even the most modern ‘real-life’ slot machines could ever be. They use the latest animation techniques to create interesting characters, engaging stories, innovative in-game features and exciting bonus rounds that supplement the action.

Gone too are the days when only a straight line featuring three matching symbols represented a win. Most online casino slots feature loads of different winning lines, with diagonals, zig-zags and random interlinked formations all combining to give players more ways of winning than ever. Competition between design houses is fierce, and the games continue to improve and evolve. That’s great news for online casino fans.

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Casino Games List

We’ll give you the chance to play the very best free casino games from the biggest and best providers, including NetEnt, MicroGaming and BetSoft. We’ll even review some progressive jackpot slots so you can build a plan to chase your dreams. Who wouldn’t want to try out a game for free before staking their hard earned cash in pursuit of a pot of gold? We’ll give you the means to do just that.

The advent of internet gaming has breathed fresh life into an age-old pastime. Slot machines have been around since the 19th century when bearded, pipe-smoking men (I’m generalising here) played them in the beer halls and alehouses across Europe and beyond.

Back then, you just pulled a lever to spin three spring-operated reels in the hope that three matching symbols appeared in a little window, and the prizes were modest, amounting to little more than a pack of gum or confectionary. Slot machines still exist in bars around the world today but are rather more elaborate. But it’s the development of online casino slots that has caused the biggest changes.

NetEnt Casino

NetEnt is a Swedish success story and one of the most popular game’s designers on the planet. Their innovative, pioneering approach to gaming has won them legions of admirers, and rightly so. They are the brains behind Starburst, one of the most widely known casino slots out there. But while Starburst is simple, other games are infused with lots of imagination and ingenuity. Play the very best NetEnt games here and find our where you get huge casino bonuses to play them for real.


MicroGaming is a prolific producer of casino slots and other games. Known for their frequent cultural and art references, which has seen them release a number of games honouring popular films, they also frequently offer their incredible 243 win ways across a range of slots. We’ll be reviewing the very best MicroGaming slots right here in our Games Section. We’ll also sniff out the best MicroGaming free spins deals for you. Try the likes of Thunderstruck II, The Dark Knight Rises and Immortal Romance with free coins and then register with casinos that let you play them for real money.

Casino Games For Free

Ok, so for many of us the thrill of the win is a big reason we play online casino slots. But how do you know which games are best suited to your tastes? The answers are to try the games for free first and see which ones tickle your fancy. You can then register with the casino sites that stock your favoured slots and try them using real money. Where Can You Try Casino Games For Free?
The answer is right here! We will be adding hundreds of games for your good gaming pleasure. These games are also for android casino games, iOS casino games and even social casino games. We pick and choose our games carefully but if you have one you’d recommend for review, why not let us know? You can email us on info@casino-games.ca to share your suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

Online Casino Games For Real Money

If you want to start playing online casino games to win real money you will need to know a few things first. Casino slots are vibrant, exciting, immersive and fast-paced yet really easy to understand. Unlike tactical card games like poker games or baccarat, there are no original rules to learn or ploys to adopt, which makes slots much more accessible to everybody. Their versatility further enhances their popularity. You can enjoy a concentrated session of play over a long period, gradually trying to build your pot of cash if you’re a slow burner. Alternatively, you can enjoy a few throwaway spins while on your lunch break or waiting in a queue if you want to dip in and out of a slot spinning session. This has also made them perfectly translatable to the mobile casino market, which has grown massively over recent years.

Online Casino Games For Real Money

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How Do Online Casino Games Work?

We’ll go into more details about the mechanics behind mobile slots in other articles, but it’s important to know the basics.

Random Number Generators

Modern video slots use computers to generate numbers that dictate the outcome of a game. Each spin of the casino slot is a unique event that produces a new set of numbers, which are translated into the results you see on the reels. The fact that each event is unique means that there are no such things as ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ slots. Outcomes are not predictable; each spin has the same chance of creating a win as the next.

Return to Player Rates (RTP)

All casino slots are assigned a Return to Player Rate. This refers to the amount a machine is expected to pay out to players and is usually expressed as a percentage such as 95%. Put simply, an RTP of 95% means that for every $1 gambled on a slot, 95 cents is paid out. However, this doesn’t mean every player will end up with the same result because the RTP is calculated over the game’s whole lifespan. One player might achieve an RTP of 200%, while another ensures a 40% rate. Remember, it’s all randomised.

We will list the payout rates (RTP) for each casino game.


This refers to the frequency and size of the payouts you can expect from an online casino slot. Low volatility slots pay our frequently, but in smaller amounts, high volatility slots pay out less often but in larger amounts. Medium volatility slots offer a bit both worlds. Your preference will depend on your playing style and budget. If you want to play longer sessions with lower risk, slowly building up your pot, pick low volatility slots; if you are a risk-taker seeking a big win or bust, try high volatility slots. Our in-depth guide to how slots work will help you identify the right slots for you.

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How to Play an Online Games

Just like early slots, online video slots feature at least three reels and rows. All have at least three reels, but some can have four or five depending on the game. You win by matching symbols across paylines from a single spin, and you can adjust the amount you gamble to alter the amount you stand to win should the reels align for you: 

Coin Value

This refers to the actual real money amount that you bet on your spin. It is measured per bet line. So, if a slot has 25 bet lines and you set a coin value of $0.10, then your total stake will amount to $2.50 (25 x $0.10). Lower your coin value to $0.05 and your spin will only cost you $1.25, but the potential winnings will be lower too.

Bet Levels

These exist on most slots and give you the chance to personalise your bet. Coin values are only available in defined increments, typically $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1.00 and – on some casino games – $2.00. Bet levels give you the chance to multiply your coin value for a little bit more freedom. Set a bet level of 2 when your coin value is $0.02, and you will stake $0.04; set the bet level to 3 and you will stake $0.06. Those amounts are not available as coin values, which is where the bet levels come in handy. As you gain more experience playing online you will start to understand how these work and which betting style is right for you. Lower bets will translate to a lower win which will also take a long time to accumulate any meaningful real money winnings.


Online casino slots consist of reels and rows, just like the land-based machines that inspired them. Most games use three reels, but some can have four or even five. The number of rows visible on the screen can vary too, which can influence the number of pay lines.

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How To Win Casino Games

To win, you will need to match some symbols on consecutive reels. Different symbols are worth different values, and you will need to check a game’s paytable to find out how you stand for each group of symbols. Most games also feature special symbols called wilds, which can mimic surrounding symbols to help create winning lines. You might also find scatter symbols in some slots, and they typically trigger special bonus rounds including free spins round. These are essential ‘games within games’ that give you opportunities to enjoy some thrills while boosting your bank balance. We’ll go into more detail about the features of slots in specific articles.

There is no secret formula, foolproof technique or infallible trick that will ensure you automatically hit the jackpot when playing slots casino. Always be mindful of the fact that the games are entirely random and your fate is at the mercy of those random number generators. You never know when your luck might be in, but you should always play for fun first and foremost. Much like lottery draws, the unpredictable nature of online slots makes them appealing to a wide range of people. You have as good a chance of winning as the next person, no matter how experienced you are or how much you spend playing.

Free Play Casinos

Some online casino sites incorporate a free play option that allows you to try out a slot before you wager any of your cash (BGO Casino is a great example, offering 10 free spins on registration). However, we can save you the hassle of finding one, because you can play lots of free slots games at Casino-Games.ca. We’ll be adding new titles to our online games all the time, so have some fun and find a new favourite game. We’ll also point you in the direction of the latest free spins offers at the best online casinos so you can play for cash without emptying your wallet.

Remember though, When the fun stops, you stop. Online gambling can be addictive.

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