Android is the most widely employed operating system for mobile devices on the planet. The little green robot continues to power a wide range of smart phones and tablets from a variety of brands. Its popularity ensures that online casinos are clambering over themselves to offer the best Android casinos for a legion of keen players who want to play the best casino games on the go. If you are one of those players, you certainly aren’t short on choice.

Best Android Games Free

So what makes a great Android Casino? Well, you will want the perfect mixture of game choice, usability, functionality and optimisation. This last feature is key. Optimisation ensures that the games you play and the site that hosts it reacts intelligently to your chosen Android device.

No matter what your screen size, quality or power of your smart phone or tablet, the best online casinos will adapt so that you enjoy a seamless experience when you load up the site. The games will work quickly and fit your screen, there will be no glitches and the site will run smoothly. We test our casinos to ensure that this is the case.

This is all down to personal preference but most players these days like to have the option to use both. When you sign up for a casino, your log in details will always allow you access to both the desktop version via your laptop and Android casino via your smart phone or tablet. Sure, some functionality that is included on the desktop version but missing from the Android.

Live chat is one that is often difficult to incorporate but some brands are now addressing that issue. Most now allow you to deposit and withdraw from your Android mobile casino, access all bonus offers and play a huge range of games. As mobile casinos become more sophisticated, so does their popularity.

Adult Games For Android

A few years back, the selection of games for Android casino players was pretty disappointing. But demand grew at pace and the games studios have reacted with gusto. Now, virtually all new games are released with compatible Android versions and old classics have been re-released to be mobile friendly as well.

The best mobile casinos have hundreds of games to choose from including table games, video poker and our beloved slots. Some even let you play in the live casino from your Android smart phone or tablet. It’s something that has revolutionised the way we can all enjoy online casino gameplay.

Android Casinos Bonuses

Pretty much all casinos that offer an adult Android game also allow players to use their welcome bonus packages when playing on a mobile device. Free spins and cash bonuses will apply when you use your smart phone or tablet unless otherwise stated – either in our articles or in the casino’s bonus terms. It’s rare that you can’t use a bonus though.

Mobile casino players make up nearly 50% of the market now so it would be mad to exclude them. There are even some mobile-first casinos like LeoVegas whose pioneering approach to Adult Android gaming has open doors. As other casinos follow suit, you will be able to use all regular bonus goodies when playing on the go. You might even find exclusive mobile offers from time to time and we’ll do our best to keep track of those for you.

The development of Android casinos has been remarkably fluid and responsive to both software and system updates. As long as your tablet or smart phone features OS 2.3.3. or better, then you’re equipped with everything you need to turn your device into your very own mobile casino.

Devices come in all shapes and sizes of course but unless you have a very low spec phone then it’s extremely unlikely that you will have problems running the games. If you have a more powerful gadget, then the chances are that the games will run all the more smoothly. But a reliable internet connection is all you tend to need.

Android Apps or Play In-Browser?

When mobile gaming first launched, it pretty much exclusively operated via apps. It was simply easier for casinos to develop a bespoke app for different operating systems rather than an intelligent optimised site that was fully operational with all browsers.

However, that has all changed now. As phones have become more sophisticated, so have online mobile casinos. Many of the best Android casinos can now be used either via your browser or an app, although some are now only available via the former. Whether you prefer the ease of one-click access from your desktop or alternatively favour the added security of browser play, it doesn’t matter. Both are catered for by numerous Android casinos.

Why Play at Android Casinos?

Android casinos are just so convenient. Many mobile players will still play on a laptop or computer when home but the rise of mobile casinos allows them to carry the best games around in their pocket or bag. You can play on your lunch break. You can play on your commute. You can play on the beach. You can even play on the toilet!

Slots are perfect for mobile game play because you can dip in and out of them as you wish. Their straightforward interface is also perfect for ‘finger control’. A session can last for minutes or hours, it doesn’t matter – just make sure you don’t get carried away and overspend. Modern life is modern life and we are constantly on the move. The best Android casinos provide the perfect solution to those realities if you’re a keen gamer.