MicroGaming is a software giant responsible for the design and release of many of the top slots and casino games currently on the market. The brand is known for being hugely prolific and it’s difficult to understand how the design team ever get any sleep given how many hundreds of MicroGaming titles have rolled off the production line over the company’s 22 years of existence. However, MicroGaming offers quality in addition to quantity, which is why so many players keep coming back to their games time and time again.

MicroGaming Casinos

The MicroGaming logo guarantees integrity, innovation and enjoyment. The immersive experience of playing one of their slots is unmistakable and they have a reputation for favourable Return to Player (RTP rates) and novel features including interesting jackpot slot rounds. They also reference a number of pop culture icons in their slot themes, including Batman, The Terminator and Lara Croft, Tomb Raider to name but three.

Microgaming’s reputation ensures that their games are extremely popular among players and online casinos alike. Not only can you expect an enjoyable experience when you play a MicroGaming slot, but you can trust the authenticity of their payout rates, giving you a fighting chance of securing a big win. The promise of entertainment mixed with the possibility of a sizeable coin drop is the perfect combo when you are looking for a free spins package on an online slot. After all, those are the reasons many of us play slots in the first place (along with the prospect of a bit of alone time away from the other half, family or lunch break colleagues of course!)

Best MicroGaming Slots

As there are more than 600 games in the MicroGaming catalogue, it’s difficult to whittle them down to a list of five of the best. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s nigh on impossible, so we it’s taken a bit of a ‘balls to it attitude’ to create this list of top slots, and we’re comforting ourselves with the thought that we can come back and change the choices in future. Regardless of all that, we are confident that this list of fans’ favourites and cult classics will get in any player in the mood for a spinning session. If you see MicroGaming free spins on any of these, then it’s worth snapping them up:

1. Thunderstruck II: You’d never guess it from the name for Thunderstruck 2 is the sequel to the original Thunderstruck slot that proved so popular with players. The Norse God themed slot carries a huge jackpot and is so jam-packed with features, it’s impossible to list them all here but it’s impossible to leave out The Great Hall of Free Spins. Meet a succession of deities in the Hall, each of whom can conjure up a godly free spins package. The top-level Thor Free Spins package consists of 20 free spins and random multipliers to help you strike gold.

2. Karate Pig: Karate Pig could give Kung Fu Panda a run for his money when it comes to martial arts trained animals. He dishes out his own special range of pork chops in this wacky, wonderful slot that leaves you wondering how MicroGaming dream up their offers. Gather belts as you roundhouse your way through the reels and you could reach the Final Showdown and fight for some huge prizes. Stacked wilds and free spins rounds will you oink your way to glory.

3. Immortal Romance: This spooky, atmospheric slot takes inspiration from the Twilight films and offers an immersive theme and some striking gameplay. You can take advantage of three or four key features as you attempt to build up your pay pot and secure your own immortality. It’s a slot of its time and will undoubtedly appeal to the post-Buffy generation. It packs enough of a punch to pull in other punters too.

4. Terminator II: Well, we love the films so we couldn’t ignore everyone’s favourite apocalyptic robots. There’s so much to love about this slot, we get hugely excited by the T-800 vision round (T-800 was Arnie’s model in case your wondering), which sends the screen red and opens up the possibility of five different features plus a free spins round. There are 243 different pay lines, which multiplies to a barely believed 1024 with the T2 bonus. Clips from the films appear in game too. Play once and you’ll be back.

5. Scrooge: Ok, so Charles Dickens’s most famous miser isn’t exactly famed for his benevolence. Luckily, the slot which bears his name is much financially generous and actually boasts one of MicroGaming’s most favourable Return to Player rates of 96.74%. Many of your favourite characters from the classic Christmas tale make an appearance and a couple of unique bonus features and 50 paylines give you a great chance of winning the sort of cash that will make Ebenezer envious.