The growth of mobile casinos has been something of a game changer in the online gaming industry. In our increasingly connected world, we need our services and entertainment options to be as fluid as the lives we lead. Let’s face it, there won’t be many of us who leave our mobile phones and/or tablets behind when we leave the house and we’ll often bury ourselves in our precious gadgets to fill periods of boredom. The evolution of mobile phone technology has truly changed the world so it was never going to take long before a young, innovative industry like gaming to catch up. Now players can access the best mobile casinos wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Online Mobile Casino

Online mobile casinos became popular very quickly but the advent of mobile gaming accelerated the trend ever more quickly. It’s difficult to get a handle of the number of us who now play our favourite casinos from a smart phone or tablet, but some estimates predict that mobile gaming will soon surpass the popularity of traditional desktop versions we play from our computers or laptops. There is even evidence that a whopping one in five of us have placed a bet or played a casino game from a mobile device. In many ways, this isn’t surprising. Smart phones and tablets are increasingly sophisticated and are integral parts of our daily routine. In many ways betting, and particularly online slots, are absolutely perfect for this very modern phenomenon.

What Are Mobile Casinos?

This might seem like a really stupid question, but most people don’t realise that a lot of work goes into creating the best mobile casinos. It’s tempting to think that they just pop up on your phone when you visit a casino’s URL from your mobile device but the reality is much more complicated. Mobile casinos have to be developed from scratch to suit all kinds of tablets and phones, from iPhones and iPads to Android devices, all of which have different screen sizes and operating systems. Design teams plan carefully so that you see a perfect version of the casino no matter which device you power it up from.

Mobile casinos are available by both browsers and bespoke apps. Some online casinos offer one or the other, some offer both to give players a choice. You usually get the same functionality from either, although you may not have the same level of options as you have on the equivalent desktop sites. The very best mobile casinos replicate the desktop versions as closely as possible and are chockablock with the best mobile games. Just like the casinos themselves expend effort to create perfect mobile sites, the games studios have to create mobile friendly version of games too.

Mobile Casino Games

Most of the top games providers offer mobile versions of their games, and some independents focus most of their attention on the mobile gaming market too. The likes of MicroGaming, NetEnt and BetSoft jointly release both desktop and mobile versions of new games these days, and they have also replicated much of their back catalogue for the mobile market. Quite simply, the games selection for mobile gamers continues to grow and that trend can only continue. Great news if you like to play on the go!

Mobile Casino Free Bonus

There’s more good news when you look out for mobile casino bonuses. The vast majority of bonuses promoted by online casinos will be available for both desktop and mobile casinos, giving you to chance to use the same free spins packages, cash bonuses and prize opportunities when you play from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Some innovative brands even offer extra perks for mobile players, such as boosted loyalty points if you play from a portable device for a weekend or even mobile-only bonuses. You won’t be short on great offers when you play from your mobile.

Why Play At Mobile Casinos?

Mobile casinos are just incredibly convenient. They allow you to access the best games from any time, anywhere and provide an entertaining distraction to while away lost hours. Slots, in many ways, could have been designed for mobile game play. You can dip in and out of them as you please because each spin is unique. Plus they are easily operable by touchscreen technology because they’re not fiddly at all! So play for five minutes while you’re stuck in a queue and you won’t lose anything when you quickly have to shut down when the cashier, banker, police offer (we won’t judge) or whoever calls you forward.

By powering up your favourite online casino you can play games on your lunch break (to help avoid those mundane conversations with workmates), buses, trains, from hotels, while curled up on the sofa or enjoying a late morning in bed or even when you’re on the toilet (again we won’t judge). You get the all the thrills of online casino gameplay, but with a bit more versatility.

iPad and iPhone Casinos

Apple fans  tend to be a fiercely loyal bunch. Once they’ve bought one iPhone or iPad, they tend to commit to future generations of the iOS powered devices. iPhones and iPads are little computers in themselves and they are perfect for gaming, which makes them perfect for online casinos. Loads of fantastic, fully optimised iPhone and iPad casinos are now in existence, so you can play all your favourite mobile slots from your favourite Apple device.

Android Casinos

Android remains the most widely used mobile operating system in the world so casinos should ignore it at their peril. The little green robot powers all sort of phones and tablets from a wide range of brands, putting the whole world at our fingertips as they do so. Android casinos allow you to play the best slots on a perfect, glitch-free environment, which is perfect for your screen size. Pretty much all the top sites run an extensive Android casino, and you’ll get loads of game choice when you play from your device.

Casino Apps

As we mentioned earlier, mobile casinos can be accessed by either apps or your standard browser. When they first came along, nearly all of them operated from an app that you had to download before you could start playing. Nowadays, browser-based mobile casinos are more prevalent, and some sites don’t offer an app at all. However, some players do still have a preference for casino apps because they allow you to access the action from a single click of your homepage. We’ll let you know where you can find the best mobile casino apps.